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4 Kidz

4 Kidz

Of all living creatures, there is nothing more beautiful and fascinating than children whose imaginations are alive and firing on all cylinders.

At the same time there is nothing more disappointing than a brain that is bored. Little to no imagination at all!

Every child is born with the gift of imagination.

Often times school, well intentioned others, or just life can be so hard that imagination smothers and dies.

This section, ’4 Kids’ is for adults to be exposed to some of the most brilliant imaginations of today.

We invite you—NO, WE BEG OF YOU! Please send us photos, stories, CD’s, music, video clips, art, projects, inventions, any and all. Cool, hot, awesome—imaginative stuff from kids of every age from 1 to 105 to do, see, be or enjoy.

Come back to this site often.

Pokemon Card 'Health-o-Don'

We received this from our staff down in Australia. We get so excited to see the young people of the world picking up the idea of health. Then when they actually do something creative to show that they were actually listening to the message, makes it all worth the while.

One of our young visitors sent this in and we wanted to share it with you, enjoy!

“Hi Don,

My name is Dallas White I am 9 and saw you this morning 6/9/13 at your talk in Brisbane city. I have made a Pokémon card for you.

HP is your health. You have some healthy cool moves and the numbers represent how much HP they take off other Pokémon.”

This is my son Donzi, he loves cat’s!!! He owns 3 of them and has raised them since they were born. The question is why do cats purr.

The interestingly investigated studies of the past two years shows its for healing and maintenance. Purring is Vibrational Medicine as is humming/singing to babies.

A great friend Doctor David Yoder sent this article to me, I think you’ll enjoy it:

Why do cats purr?

Over the course of evolution, purring has probably offered some selective advantage to cats. Most feline species produce a “purr-like” vocalization. In domestic cats, purring is most noticeable when an animal is nursing her kittens or when humans provide social contact via petting, stroking or feeding.

Although we assume that a cat’s purr is an expression of pleasure or is a means of communication with its young, perhaps the reasons for purring can be deciphered from the more stressful moments in a cat’s life. Cats often purr while under duress, such as during a visit to the veterinarian or when recovering from injury. Thus, not all purring cats appear to be content or pleased with their current circumstances. This riddle has lead researchers to investigate how cats purr, which is also still under debate.

Scientists have demonstrated that cats produce the purr through intermittent signaling of the laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles. Cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. Various investigators have shown that sound frequencies in this range can improve bone density and promote healing.

This association between the frequencies of cats’ purrs and improved healing of bones and muscles may provide help for some humans. Bone density loss and muscle atrophy is a serious concern for astronauts during extended periods at zero gravity. Their musculo-skeletal systems do not experience the normal stresses of physical activity, including routine standing or sitting, which requires strength for posture control.

Because cats have adapted to conserve energy via long periods of rest and sleep, it is possible that purring is a low energy mechanism that stimulates muscles and bones without a lot of energy. The durability of the cat has facilitated the notion that cats have “nine lives” and a common veterinary legend holds that cats are able to reassemble their bones when placed in the same room with all their parts. Purring may provide a basis for this feline mythology. The domestication and breeding of fancy cats occurred relatively recently compared to other pets and domesticated species, thus cats do not display as many muscle and bone abnormalities as their more strongly selected carnivore relative, the domestic dog. Perhaps cats’ purring helps alleviate the dysplasia or osteoporotic conditions that are more common in their canine cousins. Although it is tempting to state that cats purr because they are happy, it is more plausible that cat purring is a means of communication and a potential source of self-healing.

Carson Kelsch is our second recipient of the Genius Of Imagination Award by TheDonTolman.com.

Carson is 11 years old and lives with his dad Alan and mom Betsy, in Park City, Utah.

Carson was dealing with childhood obesity and was having a rough time keeping up with his friends and cousins while out playing sports.

He knew he had to do something about it, so he started looking into what foods were making him overweight.

In his search, Carson learned a lot about health and the affect that fast foods and other foods have on the body. He wrote a report about it for a school project and he really ‘hit the nail on the head’ with it.

Currently Carson has lost over 30 lbs and stays away from Fast Food. He is eating healthier and continues to do research on the foods he eats.

He also likes all kinds of sports, including: jumping on the trampoline and bike riding.

The following is Carson’s report, we left the report as is (in his own words):

  • Fast Food by Carson Kelsch (Free PDF Download)

Congratulations Carson! Keep up the good work – You’re looking awesome!

Click to view bookAt TheDonTolman.com, we are honored to present our very first Genius Of Imagination Award to Benny Clough.

Benny is 13 years old. Benny lives with his dad David and mom Nancy (Madeline) in White Marsh, Maryland.

We know Benny personally and what an awesome Brainiac, Imaginist Dreamer.

He writes, he does impersonations, he makes his own costumes, he wrestles, kick boxes and plays hard with his two brothers Sammy and Vinny. Benny adores his little sister Gabriel (Gabby).

The following is Benny’s 1st book, it’s written in his own handwriting.

Benny’s book “Bone Chills”, was submitted to STREET FAIR FOR YOUNG TALENTS in Santa Monica California on the Promenade.

Benny won the Creative Writing Category for his age, and a $50.00 cash award.

Congratulations Benny! Holy Clough! Keep up the Creative Genius stuff dude!

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