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Whole Foods vs Supplements

Posted by on June 5, 2013 in Self Care Tidbits | 4 comments

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A compound called ellagic acid is one of the most potent cancer nutrients Mother Nature ever created.

Studies demonstrate that if you have cancer cells anywhere in your body, ellagic acid ferociously removes them, helping your immune system out by shutting off their ability to multiply.

But you must get it from food, not a bottle!

There’s just one problem!

Ellagic acid cannot be absorbed by the human bloodstream very well. So it does you no good to take it in tablet form.

You have to eat the foods that have it, such as strawberries and raspberries, which are so much more delectable than a handful of pills anyway!

When you eat these luscious fruits, you unleash this mighty nutrient throughout your bloodstream to help vanquish cancer cells on contact. You must get it from food, or you go unprotected. Here is another example.

Science has shown the nutrient beta-carotene to be Mother Nature’s “wonder drug” for the most feared diseases of our age, including cancer, heart disease and stroke. Beta-carotene is found in abundance in brightly colored vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and red peppers.

People who regularly eat even small amounts of these foods enjoy almost unbelievable protection from cancer, heart disease and stroke. For example, a recent large scale Harvard study found that eating just one little carrot a day cuts your risk of stroke by an astonishing 68 per cent.

There is just one catch. If you want beta-carotene’s magnificent protection against killer diseases, you must get it from carrots or other foods rich in beta-carotene…..NOT from beta-carotene supplements you buy in the health food stores.

New research has shown that beta-carotene supplements are NOT at all effective in preventing these killer diseases.

Why are food sources of beta-carotene so superior to supplements?

Scientists say its because beta carotene has at least 500 siblings, collectively known as carotenoids. Many of them haven’t yet been identified by science and there are hundreds more we don’t even know about in every refreshing bite of a single carrot.

So if you swallow a beta-carotene supplement, you get only the beta-carotene in an inactive form. But bite into a carrot and you get the entire combination of all 500 plus health-bestowing carotenoids, all of which dramatically boost beta-carotene’s power.

It’s this combination of natural ingredients that protects you from heart disease, cancer and other diseases.


  1. Supplements contain no life whatsoever. Plant them, they will not grow. They have no life to offer you.

    There is a reason why an apple looks like an apple. That is the physical manifestation it needs to represent in order for it to contain what it contains. in order for a pill to do what an apple can do it would have to look exactly like it and taste exactly like it and more importantly, be made from the exact same substance it is made from (crystallized sunlight) in the exact same way.

    To do this, we would have to be able to re-create the sun, which would mean we have to be able to re-create water, air, life, planets and galaxies. To make a peach you have to know how to make the universe.

  2. I want to make contact first.

  3. This has always been a common sense truth for me. However that said, I have been greatly helped my the use of certain Vitamins in tablet form such as B complex and C in large amounts in treating panic attacks at the time.. So I am grateful for that!! No that said I am sure if I keep learning here I will learn to move away from them altogether which will be wonderful..

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