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Understanding Cholesterol

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Self Care Tidbits | 2 comments

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Cholesterol is a substance in which 80% is made by the liver and 20% comes from plants.

Cholesterol is a fat that helps all 76 trillion cells maintain their shape. Cholesterol protects the myelin sheathes of the nerves fibers. People get into “troubles”, when they eat animal carcasses.

In death, cholesterol is spent. When you eat it, it’s no longer cholesterol made by your body. Good cholesterol is primary; it hasn’t gone into making a living independent entity. Good cholesterol comes of milk and its products like raw cheese, yogurt, eggs and lots of plant goods.

Your body uses it to work its magic. If you eat too much spent (BAS) cholesterol, your body is overwhelmed by it and can wind up in trouble. The fats turn into clogging masses that block arteries, cover brains, and eat away nerves and organs.

You have a choice. Stop eating so many animals or kick up your grains and veggies or take drugs. The drugs can kill you.

Everyone on earth ought to eat these, they are natural cholesterol-lowering foods:

  • Apples eaten on a daily basis have been shown in various studies here and in Europe to lower blood serum cholesterol. Researchers put test subjects on two to three apples a day.
  • Barley is a star at reducing blood serum cholesterol levels; barley scores by lowering the livers ability to produce cholesterol. It can be used several times a week as a cooked cereal or in bakery goods.
  • Beans (every king) as little as a cup – lower cholesterol. (No sugar)
  • Carrots (three medium size raw eaten daily)
  • Chilli peppers reduce blood serum cholesterol level by suppressing the livers ability to produce cholesterol.
  • Eggplant serves a special function in cholesterol control. Eggplant appears to block blood levels of cholesterol from rising when fatty foods have been eaten.
  • Garlic (a daily ration of five fresh cloves minced into other food), has been shown to lower blood serum cholesterol, to normal levels in just days.
  • Grapefruit Pectin, that gelatinous stuff that holds jelly together can lower cholesterol. The white fiber of the rind.
  • Raw milk lowers cholesterol as demonstrated by several researchers.
  • Oat Bran a water soluble fiber is one of the most effective foods for reducing cholesterol.
  • Virgin Olive Oil keeps cholesterol in line by taking two teaspoonfuls daily.
  • Onions..they rock!
  • Plantains
  • Soybeans and products derived from them, soy milk, lecithin and tofu – help break down fatty deposits so that they can be flushed from the body more readily – and –in the process, also lower blood cholesterol.
  • Spinach
  • Yogurt is a real winner in lowering cholesterol.

So refrain from going in to have your cholesterol level checked – unless of course, you want to be on medication.


  1. hi Don, we have a family history of high blood and high cholesterol. i exercise daily and i do eat more vegetables now than ever before and i know i cook healthier so i stopped taking my statin for a year. 2 weeks ago i went to get my cholesterol test, my doc wanted to see where i was, and to my surprise it was higher than ever. i have never had such numbers. the highest was 224. these are my numbers: 301 LDL 202 HDL 84 trig 76. yikes!!! i was having headaches and dizziness for a while but didn’t think it was related to cholesterol but now that i am taking crestor, i don’t get those symptoms. i want to get off the meds, can that be possible if i add green juices/smoothies to my daily life? thank you

    • High cholesterol reading are 98% false positives. Keep doing what you are doing, but I would recommend that you add celery to your smoothies and to you overall diet. It also wouldn’t hurt to add ruby red grapefruits to your diet as well as it will help strengthen your heart to help restore proper blood flow.

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