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Tolman Trails June 13-25! Sign up now!

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Utah Land Package Tour: 13 Knights 14 DAZE…

CowBoyDon and his Son/Sun Thor will be the Xpeditors that will Xpedite this Xpedition

of “inSites” into the Ancient Earth and forgotten Technologies of the Past.


Las Vegas, Nevada
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Barringer Crater, Arizona
Kanab, Utah
Zion National Park, Utah
Bryce National Park, Utah
Moab, Utah
Vernal, Utah
Provo, Utah
Park City, Utah


  Tolman Trails will allow you see some of the most dramatic and moving scenery on Our Mother, SpaceShip Earth. You will be rendered speechless time and time again throughout this entire Xpedition as your eyes gaze upon the vast monoliths and sculpted sandstone precipices within these mind boggling and emotionally intoxicating Wonders of Gaea, Mothers most profound Nature. Some of the Trails you’ll walk and even hike ascend to dizzying view points, while other Trails descend and wind their way into deep, mysterious canyons that have become globally famed. You’ll see nature made amphitheaters with the most profound erosional formations on the entire Planet. You’ll be left breathless with lasting memories of it’s haunting features. You’ll Dream, ponder and reflect upon this Tolman Trails LifeTime Xpedition for years to comeas mental downloads keep coming in moments of eye opening awaking to the forgotten history of your Mother Earths twin sister, the Planet Venus. This Xpedition is a labyrinth of adrenaline-producing canyons and summits. Your adventure of Xploration into this wilderness of Mystery and Magic will remove a veil of forgetfulness and allow you to download new mental Software and as many Mind Apps as you feel drawn too. You’ll climb and see Angel’s Landing, Mt.Majestic, you’ll walk the Sky Bridge made of Glass, you’ll see the largest Dinosaur even found in a rock wall, you’ll see what Ancient cultures living here called the, Heart of The Mother Earth as you climb down into a giant mountain whose cave holds the largest red quartz crystal that is in the shape of the human Heart… you’ll learn History that is not taught in University Geological studies. You’ll see the Grand staircase and understand why Ancient cultures knew that this Planet (which means wandering rock) used to orbit around Jupitor and was 90 times larger than it is today. You’ll see the greatest place on Earth to do night time Star Gazing and learn the Ancient History of Constellations, Seasons, Ages, Moonths, Weeks, Days and why we are in the Age of Aquarius. It’s no accident you walk the Earth at this time. Come and become a part of this Tolman Trail Xpediton Community of Family in this Age in which we Live.

- CowBoy Don Tolman

June 13-25 2015 $5,000.00 for Ringleaders or $6,000.00 for non Ringleaders
(6000.00 will include a year of Ringleader membership, $1000.00 value)

Place Your Deposit Now!

Booking Information:Dianna Solek

Phone: +61 2 8003 3288

E-mail: info@thedontolman.com


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