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The Body Language Blanket

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The Body Language Blanket

Pre-Sale Offer


Children are Natural born Creative Geniuses. Their Brains operate in the Theta Brain Wave, 90% of their waking hours. Most adults only experience Theta when they are a sleep and Dreaming. 



Not children and grown up Einsteinian Creative People, it’s a 20+ hour experience every day. The Body Language Blanket for learning using Imagination and the fact the Brain learns in “PICTURES” is why I’m finally going after these Product Curriculums. The 2nd blanket will be the 12 Times Tables, kids will master them from Memory in one afternoon and they    “Re-View Them” all the time just for the Fun of it!Body Blanket1small


Children and Pre-teens will Move, and Play and Engage all of the Senses on theBody Language Blanket, as they have Fun and Pleasure and Mentally Master…

Body Blanket2_sm


When Children Learn all of this they Love to Teach others… It’s so fun to watch this ‘Process’ of being a Teacher, take place.
With The Body Language Blanket they will master:

Geometric Shapes, 

All Colors, 

The 26 Letter Alphabet,

All Ten Digits, 

They’ll Master the Phonetics of all the Letters, 

They will even Learn Sign Language and be able to use it. 




Also, This is just a prototype, this is not the Blanket that will be Printed, this one is much smaller and not as bright and clear. I had to ship the original to the printer.


Finally, I’m going after the Funds to start producing Memory at the Speed of Sight, Cite and Site— Curriculum Products. I’m doing it through an offer to Pre-Purchase before Printing takes place. I’ll have to Pre-Sale $40,000.00 U.S. Dollars worth in order to print them.

So just a heads up, I’ll need 90 days after your purchase in order to ship them to you.

If for any reason I can’t sell enough to Print them then I’ll simply Refund your purchase amount to you. Interest is High enough I really don’t feel it’ll be an issue, but just in case, I want you to know I’ll personally be in charge of the money’s, so Refunds if necessary will be performed, and accomplished.


Pre-Sale Offer


My Body Language Teaching Blanket for 1-10+ year olds will sell for $67.00/retail.

 Pre-sale prices are… (we will offer free shipping on 31 blankets or more)

1-5 blankets = $7.00 discount on each blanket = just over 10% off retail. $60.00 each.
6-10 blankets = $10.00 discount on each blanket = 15% off retail. $57.00 each.
11-30 blankets = $20 discount on each blanket = 30% off retail. $47.00 each.
31-100 blankets = $33.50 discount on each blanket = 50% off of retail. $33.50 each.
101-1,000+ = $40.00 discount on each blanket = 60% off of retail. $27.00 each.


In my Heart of Hearts I’m Hoping, with Fingers Crossed that you will want to be a Seller of these Creative Learning Products. I will even help you to sell them if you like. Thanks so much for being on this Earth at this time. Hugs to Y’all CowBoy Don.


For more information please email me at info@thedontolman.com









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