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The Big Fat Weight Loss Lie

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Self Care Tidbits | 0 comments

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Years ago, it was pointed out to me that a lie not seen is worse than a creeping pestilence, and that by using the knife of illumination, a lie seen as a lie, is easily removed, just as an unruly hair from one’s brow.

The big fat lie is this: The belief that I can never achieve healthy, permanent weight management.

The reality is: You can.

The Big Fat Lie is made up of lots of little white lies which we’re going to discuss and de-bunk right now.

  • The Miracle Sham Lie

The belief that somewhere out there, someone has invented a magic bullet, like a miracle chocolate shake or a miracle herb, that could help me to burn fat while I sleep.

  • The Lie of Needs

I need stimulants, I need diet pills, I need diet drugs, I need herbal capsules, I need cellulite lotions, chelated mineral gum, I need body wraps, I need hot pepper rubs, I need miracle potions and very strong laxatives.  But what is the reality?

The reality is: Miracle substances at best are an unnatural crutch, and at worst, they are dangerous and life-threatening.

  • The Lie of Evasion

I don’t have any energy.  I’m just too tired to exercise. You see, I’ve tried to exercise and change my diet, and I just get sicker every time. I’ll hurt myself if I exercise. Why, even my doctor told me to be more careful and to watch what I do. I get dizzy when I walk. Who knows the injury I could cause myself if I were to actually go out and begin walking?  What’s the reality?

The reality is: What your doctor really knows and has shared with you, is that you’ll only get more energy and balance if you exercise faithfully and correctly. You just need to go about it sensibly. You see, exercise is not the opposite of energy; exercise is energy. It brings you greater energy. The more you do, the more energy you have, and the less you do, the less you are capable of doing.

  • The Lie of Family Genetics

I’m trapped in a body I am unable to control. I’ve inherited big bones. I just got the wrong genes or a pre- disposition towards weight gain. But again, what is the reality?

This lie may work for you until you meet a member of your family with the same genes who has somehow succeeded at attaining their ideal weight.

Stop. Think!

Take a moment to reflect, to see the insanity of the weight loss industry and its products. It is insanity, and it’s getting worse; it’s not getting better. The cycle has to be broken before untold damage is done, not only to this generation, but to the next one as well. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to stop the brain-sick, frantic compulsion of the weight loss industry.

When you take all of the little white lies that add up to the big fat lie and you take the laser’s knife of illumination and slice through it, what are you finally left with?

You’re left with an age-old wisdom and a confirmation of today’s science that gives a very clear picture of what the solution is. It has nothing to do with anything other than understanding snacking on whole foods and drinking water until you are at your ideal weight.

Let’s take a look at why this work..

Simply stated, it’s because of natural sugars and fibers as well as the nutrition that whole foods contain.

Because whole foods containing the macro-sized molecules of sugar. The message is: Burn fat. The fibers in the food help to keep the system clean and moving, which helps to remove the built up fat.

All wholefoods are perfect for losing and maintaining weight loss, ditch the processed garbage, drink more water and get out for a walk!

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