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Don Tolman’s White Stone Carillon

White Stone Carillon

Carillon comes of a latin word meaning: “4 parts”… this referred to the power of music in the chromatic scale of the “Bell or Carillon” itself in relationship to Care-ing or Healing of the 3 aspects of human experience, today called the Mental, the Emotional and the Physical.

Vibrational Medicine is a ‘Truest Truth Principle of Body-Mind-Emotion/Spirit healing. The word vibration, or frequency, refers to the pulsations of energy that make up and pattern all life and matter.

Albert Einstein’s famous equation E = MC-2 states that energy is equivalent to matter with its vibratory rate greatly speeded up. The energy fields that make up all living things are interactive. The ability of an energy field to influence the vibratory rate of another is called, “resonance”.

Vibrational medicine is based on energy resonance or Cellular Harmonics. Energy can be applied in the form of electrical micro currents, light, magnetism, sound, energetic remedies of flowers, essential oils, and human touch/massage/intimacy and or a combination of these things.

My White Stone Carillon is an exact replication of Ancient quartz crystal Carillons held in collections of ancient and arcane artifacts. The triangulated cohesive wave of resonance literally moves into and through all 10,000 trillion cells of the human body bringing balance and harmony which increases cellular function bringing health, repair and high levels of well being.

Quartz crystal musical tone resonates at the same atomic and molecular energy patterns as the human body. Water is liquid quartz crystal, and we are 70% water.

Discover the experience of Vibrational Medicine at it’s highest and finest form.

The Real Don Tolman

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