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3 Weight Loss Essentials

1. Clean Your House (your colon)

When your colon is clogged or unclean, your body may not properly digest and absorb nutrients or rid your body of waste effectively (Toxicity and deficiency are the only two causes of disease and cleaning your House/Body is the most precious health activity you can perform).

This lack of nutrient absorption and waste build up can put extra strain on your detoxifying organs and make you gain weight!  Not to mention also impairing digestion and stressing all of the body’s systems.

One major benefit of a Colon Cleanse is the fact that you are flushing out your insides without adding anything extra to your digestive system. Your intestines are full of waste matter (10-20 pounds in some cases) that is causing extra weight and making your belly look bigger. In order to lose weight, you will find that giving your intestines a good scrub can make your tummy look flatter and reduce the amount of weight in your intestines.

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