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The Big Fat Lie

The answer to safe, permanent, weight control starts with the brain.

One of the most important things that I can do here is point out what I like to call, “The Big Fat Lie“.  This is the belief that somebody overweight may have, that they can never achieve healthy, permanent weight management. The reality is you can.

Let’s talk about the little white lies that add up to “The Big Fat Lie”. Here’s a dirty little lie – I like to call it the miracle sham lie: That somewhere out there, someone has invented a magic bullet, like a miracle chocolate shake or a miracle herb, that could help you to burn fat while you sleep.

And the next miracle breakthrough that is just waiting to be discovered is the gullible and ignorant lie. I call it the lie of needs“I need stimulants, I need diet pills, I need diet drugs, I need herbal capsules, I need cellulite lotions, chelated mineral gum, I need body wraps, I need hot pepper rubs, I need miracle potions and even very strong laxatives!” 

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