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Udder Folly or Holy Sacrament? Some Skimming Thoughts About Milk

The history of milk is the history of civilization. Without milk there would be no civilization.

The health and wealth of the modern civilized world are inextricably tied into our agriculture. I feel that our greatest agricultural loss today is due to our senseless destruction of fresh milk through pasteurization, ultra-pasteurization and now ultra high temperature pasteurization which turns a great living food into a white “milk-flavored pustulant drink” about as nutritious as a milk of magnesia.

With proper understanding of milk, and its destructive effects (when heat-treated) and the remarkable therapeutic effects when used RAW, we can cut billions of dollars off our medical bills, make ourselves infinitely healthier, and actually raise the I.Q. of our children. With smarter children we will add greatly to our scientific and cultural wealth.

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