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Don Tolman Has Some New Ancient Products!

Essential oils and Auracology, sometimes called, Aromacology preceded today’s “aromatherapy” and have been common healing and soothing methods since recorded history.

There is documented evidence of essential oils being used by the ancient Egyptian Pharos and their Lady Healers, who prized the pure, plant essence and their affinity to gold.

Coveted by European Crusaders and primitive South American tribes alike, healers using essential oils and infused gold have been one of the most enduring natural healing modalities for millennia.

Over the centuries, the extraction and use of essential plant oil has become more widespread, with new, more modern extraction methods developed.

Although ‘food industrialization’ and ‘pharma-bought’ regulation of the medical field in the last century has occurred, “they” have labeled ‘non invasive’ ‘non toxic’ healing practices such as aroma’s as “arcane” and “unscientific” but still, resurgence in the use of essential oils has occurred in the last fifty years as many have rediscovered the old remedies and found relief in their application.


24K Gold and this, ‘simple tool of ancient healers’ is brilliant in helping one to pin point the Mental, Emotional and Physical chaos in the human body, and to discover which of the 7 Ancient Oils used alone or in combination can bring balance, harmony and full function back to the affected part or parts of the body.


And why is that important? Well, they contain the highest functional property, that’s why.

And just in case you didn’t know:

  1. Extra, extra virgin oil is 1st skimming.
  2. Extra virgin oil in 2nd skimming.
  3. Virgin oil is 3rd skimming.
  4. Oil is 4th – 20th skimming.
  5. Light oil…Don’t Buy them!!

Also needed is a “carrier”, “messenger,” oil; we call ours 24k CourierXpress it’s Organic Grapeseed oil, the very oil the SWNWT of Egypt used, as well as the Wicca of Early America, before they were all murdered by the poison makers.


Joule’ is the electro-kinetic energy force of mechanical and thermal masses moving at velocities over distances smaller than cells and measured in Newton’s.

In the Norse traditions of ‘Naming Forces in Nature’, Thor was the name of a Hammer (symbol of Power) wielding God (force of nature) associated with Thunder, Lightning, Storms, Oak Trees, Strength, the Protection of Mankind, and also Hallowing, Healing, and Fertility

JOULE’ OF THOR… Targets the Brain and the 45-49 miles of nerves that run through the human body!

The Brain and Central nervous system is the Courier’s of Electric Energy to all of the 10,000 Trillion Cells that make up the body. Gold infuses the entire brain and nervous system with increased electric spark for our cells to have their highest functional capacities.

Anciently Gold was “Precious” because of it’s Healing and functional restorative qualities to the Human body. They ate Gold, cooked with Gold, used utensils made of Gold, and even drank wine and juices infused with Gold called Elixer’s.

THE 24k GOLD in JOULE’ OF THOR is carried by The Potted Physician or Aloe Vera and Ceylon Organic Cinnamon this is an Elixer of Life, Joy and function, Mentally, Emotionally and especially Physically. Drink Up and Hit Life with your Best Shot!!!


Are you or someone you know a JERK or even JERKY at times?

You can change all that with Primal Strips!

Primal is a word that means “first” or “original” even “in the beginning”. Historical records show that in the “beginning” the “first” humans were “originally” strict vegetarians and believed that “Thou shalt not Kill”… They were neither cannibals nor carnivores.

Then came Patriarchal Religions teaching that killing and eating people wasn’t good but killing and eating animals dead bodies was of their God, and pleased their God.

It is estimated that there are 2251 Versions of the Bible today, with over 150,000 variations of words and meanings in the various translations to accommodate each groups present day leadership and their needs and desires.

Early plant whole food groups would take mushrooms, certain fruits and vegetables and with quick movements of hand or blades would “jerk” a food into strips for drying in the air and sun. Hence came the word jerky. Later, animal eaters learned to do the same with animal parts, hence “beef Jerky”, etc.

I’m so thrilled that in the oriental cultures especially, they have through the ages, kept the original (primal) strips of plant foods as part of their diet (which comes of deit or deity meaning that which leads to highest good).

What I have called the REVOLUTION OF SELF-CARE, for over 40 years, is a chance for people to get back to their “ROOTS” to become Primal Spirits for the Highest Good.

RING LEADERS in the Revolution are People who are adventurers! They are leaders, lovers, animal-lovers, artists, best-friends, dreamers, imaginists, environmentalists, hikers, bikers, golfers, athletes, outdoors people and every sort of person who lives and loves wholeheartedly.

TheDonTolman.com community proudly celebrates those who see the same “wonder in nature” as we do.

It is for this cause we support the Vegan Primal Strips and are making them available in our Garden Cafe in Park City, Utah… as well as here in our online store website.


And remember… Look beyond just snacking them and try cutting them up in salads, stir fry’s, and burritos, or even served hot on sandwiches. Kids love them in their lunch boxes and as mid-day snacks.

Primal Strips are delicious, healthy, meatless alternative snacks providing the positive health benefits of Soy, Seitan (wheat meat with no aluminumized gluten) and Shiitake Mushrooms, all with full meaty satisfaction.

Enjoy all these wonderful new products, just click on the “Shop’ button above!

Cowboy Don Tolman

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