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The “Practice” of Modern Medicine

Ninety-eight percent of Modern Medicine is simply the embrace of voodoo, superstition and ignorance that over time has been elevated to the stature of, “God’s Revealed Treatments” by the masses

I don’t mean to be so harsh, but so much of the cut, burn and poison approach to “treating” people has gotten out of hand.  Today what we call ‘health care’ is so much more about making money than it is about healing people.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Many of those who practice modern medicine are genuinely ‘sincere’ in their desire to help people.  But when it comes to modern medicine, you can be sincerely wrong.

Pharmaceutical Drug Lords with Academic Sophistry and the use of dead Latin-blended, perfectly overwhelming “fear” tactics, have cemented the entire dark and vile “health care” industry, into the minds, hearts and body fluids of hundreds of millions of unquestioning innocent people. They over-treat, disfigure and unnecessarily kill hundreds of thousands of what they call, “patients”, every year. Iatrogenocide is their own word for doctor-induced mass slaughter and they make over 2 trillion dollars annually for doing this and perpetuating disease.

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