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The Fasting Process

During a fast, many biochemical processes will take place in the body, resulting in many reactions outside the body as well.

The body’s metabolism is a complicated procedure involving intestinal digestion, nutrient transport through the blood, lymphatics for energy and tissue building and the transport of waste products and toxins to the body’s excretory organs.  The excretory organs, include the large intestine, the kidneys, the bladder, the lungs and the sweat glands/skin.  These metabolic processes will take place whether you supply the body with food or not.

While fasting, the body feeds itself on the most impure and inferior materials and all morbid accumulations of tumors, abscesses, fat deposits and damaged tissue. All of these accumulations cause illness and even death. The body is cleansing itself and other tissues at a cellular level and is dissipating large pockets of clustered proteins and filth and toxic waste into the bloodstream. Care must be taken to make sure that excretory organs are doing their job, by daily enemas, deep exhaling through exercise or routine and cleansing the skin.

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