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Some Say I’m a Dreamer

Some people say, “I never dream” but a person who actually does not dream simply does not exist. Rapid eye motion (REM) studies show that everyone dreams, regardless of age, sex, race, and so on. To say, “I don’t dream” is actually to say, “I habitually ignore and forget my dream experiences.” All warm-blooded creatures dream regularly – REMs have been observed throughout the animal world.

Prolonged dream deprivation tends to cause severe mental disorientation and emotional upset. Apparently, if the unconscious is deprived of its normal outlets in REM sleep, it demands “its due” and causes people to hallucinate and “dream while awake.” Clearly, the dream is a natural phenomenon. It is part of and necessary for the maintenance of natural physical, mental, and emotional health and balance within the organism.

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Goal, Desires, Hopes and Dreams by Don Tolman

Wishing Wells, Pennies And Wishes,
Flames of Fire to Fulfill Hearts Desire,
Dreams Up In Smoke So As To Rain Upon You,
And Money to Burn!!

Goals, Desires, Hopes and Dreams: What are your Honest Heart felt Intentions? Here’s a way to have your Dreams come true! No hocus-pocus, nor silly whimsical silliness, Just time tested Rites of fulfillment.

What if there is actual wisdom in all of this?

Water is the most primal and fundamental symbol in human consciousness. In religions, folklore, and mythologies worldwide, rivers and wells were occupied by spirits, ghosts, saints, and deities that controlled the essence of life itself, and the key to fulfilling one’s Dreams and Hearts Desires. Wishing wells are the remnant of this powerful and enduring belief.


There is more, and now the cognitive sciences are actually acknowledging the Power of Rituals of Intention, especially ‘FIRE’. They have found the mental and emotional benefit of using ‘FIRE’. Looking into flames creates a relaxed ‘theta-wave’ in the brain that can lead to creative moments of genius, inventiveness and discovery of how to make your ‘dreams’ come true.

Moments of pure intelligence from having written notes of desires and burning them on an open fire have been recorded in many personal diaries of some of the most profound inventors, designers, crafters, artists, musicians and thousands more that the world has known. Pythagorus, Michael Angelo, Da Vinci, Tesla, even John Singer of the Singer sewing machine, are just a few.

Watch the video for a quick “how to” and give it a shot you have nothing to lose… and your goals and dreams may just set you on ‘FIRE’.

Remember…Fuel Ignited Releases Energy!!

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