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The Real Meaning of Diet

The word “diet” comes of the Latin “deit” meaning “god (good)”.

The Wheel of Opus is a spin to reclaim the knowing of the dietary path to deity (enlightenment). The entire premise of diet is that the body is literally the temple –it’s inner workings is the kingdom of good and that the organs (offices) are the organization of the church, the administration of the kingdom’s workings within the temple of good.

You being the householder, the lord of the house, determine the condition of the structure. Every offering, tithe or sacrament made upon the principles of life or death, depending on the qualities and quantities offered.

Today’s scientific, medical and nutritional para-intellectual categorization of endless food facts, hot fad, figures and biochemical analytical trivia are completely at odds and promote counter-productive purposes to ever learning about food.

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