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Diabetes is Not a Mystery

Stop eating junk foods, processed sugars, soda pop and sports drinks.

If you really want to cure Diabetes, only eat whole foods80 per cent raw and 20 per cent heated until it remisses.  Exercise and be patient and Diabetes will resolve in anywhere from 30 days to 6 months.

Only two types of sugars exist and they are the multibillion dollar, medical mystery of Diabetes.

Simple sugars, called fast sugars are all processed, refined or artificial, synthetic sugars. Simple sugars cause diabetes. Their molecular size is so small that they cross the blood brain barrier quickly, hence their name, “fast” sugars. This causes the brain to tell the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin in the blood stream sends messages to the body, which tell it that it is in “extreme danger” and to “lie down”; Insulin zaps your energy so you’ll have to rest or take a break. It also tells your body to “put on layers of fat to protect yourself”, and the body responds to the message.

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