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Dangerous Pills and Capsules

Are you aware that overwhelmingly what you swallow is contributing to the length and quality of your life?

Your cells do not recognize pills and capsules, no matter what they are.  Only foods that are in their natural state contain the electrical frequency of nutrients that your cells can truly identify with.

It was an ancient wisdom that referred to the alimentary canal as either the River of Life or River of Death – depending on what you chose to float down the river.  The less you eat, the longer you’re going to live.  I realize that this may be a controversial statement and one that is tough for most people to wrap their minds around, but it is the truth.

It’s an unfortunate reality that the medical and pharmaceutical industry in partnership with the “toxic foodless foods and lifeless drinks industry” in partnership with the (very political) so called “healthcare industry”, in partnership with the “health insurance industry“, has a huge monetary interest in keeping you sick, rather than healing you.

Again, I know that sounds harsh but it’s time we woke up and took a clear look around us at the current state of affairs.

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