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Are You A Sucker For A Lollipop?


Organic Yummy Lollipops!

We are proud to be adding these Organic Yummy Lollipops to “Candy Land“!

Who doesn’t love a lollipop?

Whether you are kid or a kid at heart, odds are you have had and enjoyed a lollipop. These lollipops are an easy and healthier snack for those who feel the need for a quick snack.

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Sweet Things Come In Small Packages!

Welcome To Candy Land!

Don Tolman’s Whole In One Organics is proud to announce a new addition to our website and online store called Candy Land!

Over the years we have spent quite a bit of time teaching and encouraging Self Care Health with whole foods and ongoing training.

We like to include the kids in this training as well, because it never hurts to start at a young age, but sometimes the kids need a bit of a change in their lives and let’s face it, so do we as adults (young kids at heart).

To accommodate this need, we have decided to open up our own candy shop!

Now before you go and get all frantic and think that we have thrown in the towel, let us explain.

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