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Pigs, Birds And Bugs – Oh My!

Pigs, Birds & Bugs Oh My! – Swine flu, bird flu, flew flu, Why, Oh why? Folks its not that difficult to understand, in fact this is stuff we learned about in grade school. Do we forget out of some fear of facing reality, is it the noises from the mediKILL establishment being so loud we can’t think clearly?

Focus, think about this; media tell us, “The biggest effect will be on the elderly and the very young”. The simple reason here is ‘their lack of resistance to any and all germs’. Translated, that means the weak and the diseased. Remember that it’s really important.

In the first grade we were taught about how the body’s defends itself. We were even given free ‘Life Boy’ soap as a reminder to bathe, to wash our hands, get rid of the big bad germs.

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