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Vegan – Free Running Birds

At one time I was a vegan in the more strict sense and definition of that word.

Now after years of observation and dealing with sickly, even terminal people, I am what one would properly call, “a plant based, whole food, ‘free range ovo,’ kindly and lovingly treated, ‘lacto’ vegetarian.” 

I avoid any and all animal products and animal by-products as is reasonably possible, here in the 21st century, you know, the animals that have suffered at the hands of the hideous, out of control pharmaceutical agricultural factory chop shops.

I say that I “reasonably avoid” them, because today’s phones and cellphones, books and computers, cars and car tires, bicycles and airplanes and more all contain elements of animal products.  Even processed sugar is filtered through, “animal bones”, unless the sugar is certified kosher, then it’s filtered strictly through cows bones (no pigs there baby).  (Like that makes a lot of difference).  Well, guess to some it does.

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