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Take The ‘Agh’ Out Of Acne

When the sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, acne is the result.

The oil normally flows from the glands to the skin’s surface. If, though, the dead skin cells accumulate, they can clog the pores. Since the skin reflects our internal health, acne is sometimes an indicator of toxic conditions.

Too much waste product in the kidneys, liver, lungs, intestine or digestive problems can all give cause for breakouts. Other causes include allergies, high fat diet, emotional problems and pollution.

Good overall health is reflected by clear glowing skin. To achieve this skin, you need a balanced diet with regular exercise, adequate sleep and avoidance of such detrimental habits like smoking. High dose vitamin and mineral supplements may actually worsen the condition.

By altering hormone levels, stress often triggers a flare up of acne. In turn, hormonal changes can stimulate food cravings, especially for commercial chocolates and other sweets.

This means that the acne sufferers may erroneously attribute the acne to gorging on chocolates or sweets, rather than stress, the real culprit for both.

Researchers believe that nutritional yeast and foods containing zinc, like wheat germ and lima beans are helpful at clearing acne.

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