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Sunlight: Light Up Your Life

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Overcoming Mal-illumination and Sun Light Deprivation.

“Light has an enormous range of biological effects. The excitement today is in learning how to use them to cure depression and disease.” Smithsonian Magazine.

For thousands of years mankind was almost completely dependent upon the sun for light. Before Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, man was basically a creature of the outdoors. In our own way, we were part and parcel of nature itself.  We would bask in natural sunlight on a daily basis as we toiled to make ends meet in open fields, open marketplaces and open business shops.

But over the past 100 years, our way of life has changed dramatically. And one of the major little-noted, yet systematic and powerful changes is that mankind has been drawn more and more indoors since the advent of Mr. Edison’s artificial light. Our daily dependence upon the sun has been almost completely disrupted.

Thus, our once frequent and significant daily exposure to natural sunlight has been radically diminished in the space of less than three generations.  What’s most devastating is the fact that the vast majority of the population of the modern developed world tries to avoid the sun, due to the increasing mass media fear campaigns describing it’s damaging effects.

The result is that we have more mal-illumination, depression and suicide than ever before and people who have advanced stages of cancer are missing out on one of the most critical elements for overcoming their disease.

Today, more than at any time in history, we do most of our day-to-day living indoors under artificial light. We work in windowless offices. We attend sports events and other entertainments chiefly indoors, or at night, under artificial light.

We lounge in the comforts of our homes with windows and drapes usually closed, venturing outside into natural light infrequently compared to past generations.

And even when we do venture outdoors, we often do so while hiding behind a wide array of products that quite effectively mask our bodies from natural light: sunglasses, hats and visors, tinted windows in our cars, skin creams and sun lotions, makeup products, expensive clothing, and other manifestation’s of today’s modern culture.

Only two generations ago the average person would receive approximately three to six hours of natural sunlight per day. Today, the average individual receives, at best, about 30 to 45 minutes of natural light per day.

Yes research has now shown that the full-spectrum rays of daylight are absolutely crucial to the entire human body.

The sun is not their to kill you!  It never has been and it never will be (regardless of how many ‘bought and paid for’ media campaigns tell you otherwise).  The sun is not an enemy of modern mankind.

The sun delivers the same vital life-giving nutrients that it always has done.  In many ways, these vital nutrients are just as crucial as the life-sustaining nutrients we receive from food and drink and air.

Regular exposure to full-spectrum light is the essential catalyst that stimulates our endocrine system, through which good emotional, mental and physical health are maintained.

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