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Pigs, Birds And Bugs – Oh My!

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Self Care Tidbits | 0 comments

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Pigs, Birds & Bugs Oh My! – Swine flu, bird flu, flew flu, Why, Oh why? Folks its not that difficult to understand, in fact this is stuff we learned about in grade school. Do we forget out of some fear of facing reality, is it the noises from the mediKILL establishment being so loud we can’t think clearly?

Focus, think about this; media tell us, “The biggest effect will be on the elderly and the very young”. The simple reason here is ‘their lack of resistance to any and all germs’. Translated, that means the weak and the diseased. Remember that it’s really important.

In the first grade we were taught about how the body’s defends itself. We were even given free ‘Life Boy’ soap as a reminder to bathe, to wash our hands, get rid of the big bad germs.

I know they usually don’t give out free soap any more, still everyone does know about germs. And that brings us to the present so called crisis, the possible and now very ‘real’ pandemic of millions dying from swine flu. It’s being called a new strain of swine flu and the news media is going crazy. Which means the population too will get the fever felt by the news media and start getting the real fever. Yea, its a pandemic folks, it a feeding frenzy pandemic brought on by our friends who’s business is disease. How soon we all forget that the last (1976) swine flu vaccine killed thousands not the flu itself!

Does it sound like I’m either making fun of the present situation or that I’m not buying it? I hope so, because that’s exactly what I’m attempting to do.

The people that die from the flu are the ones that go to the hospital.

Look! There’s more here than first meets the eye, let’s get a clear head and be rational for a few moments. First  and this will seem to some, way off the wall, but still we’re talking possible scenario’s and this must be considered. Is it possible in this scary situation that someone here could gain, could make a great deal of money?

Is it possible we have in our world a business so big that they control health care as well as a all the drugs that will be dispensed? The answer must be a resounding yes. It’s real and it’s called by those with eyes wide open, the ‘Medical Industrial Complex’.

Here I’m using the ‘they’ as a whole, but their names are well known large corporations, LLC’s and private enterprises. Could ‘they’ be part of the problem? Are they interested in profits? Are they listed on the stock market? Do you believe they act in your best interest and not in the interest of stock holders? Okay, case made!

Next is another scenario frightening and difficult for most of us to admit too, let alone to acknowledge as true. It’s called ‘survival of the fittest’, and it too was a lesson learned a long time ago in our childhood. What am I talking about? It means us, you and I, as well as all life – when we are weak or diseased nature takes us out – she removes us.

If you’re frightened, maybe its for good reason. And If you’re frightened enough, maybe you’ll make some changes in your life where fear is not a common factor, the common factor will be confidence in your bodies ability, as it was designed to do, to fight off these germs.

One last thought. In nature we see large creatures taking down and then feeding on the weak and the diseased. What we don’t always see is the smaller creatures cleaning up the last residue of disease or death. It’s nature at its finest hour, cleaning up, returning everything back to its simplest form, ready for new growth.

Don’t be amount the weak and diseased of the “Health Care Money Industry”.

Wake up, walk away, embrace “Principles of Health”.

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