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Nature’s Soy Is Deadly… Dead Animal Eating Is Healthy… Who Do You Believe???

Posted by on February 22, 2013 in Updates | 11 comments

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What I can’t stand about most people in today’s overwhelmed modern/pharmaceutical countries of today is… we will bend over backwards to say things like:

  • “Industrialized chemically processed milk can’t be bad for you because why else would the government approve the selling of it?”
  • “Pharmaceutical labs that have studied Soy say that it is dangerous to eat… but government approved soy can’t be bad for you because they sell it”

Well with that logic, I’m sure you will agree that cigarettes are okay,  because…they sell them too!

All of this gets us so lost and confused.

Doctors, writers and some health guru’s even say that, “tomatoes are dangerous, they are part of the NightShade Family of Plant’s”, blah, blah, blah…

So what’s the answer?

Do Your Own Research People!

I have… That is, I let my body be the LAB for testing soy, and other plant foods.

I have eaten Edamame’s, fermented soy, pulled soy, un-fermented Seitan soy and etc. for over 50 years, and Holy Moly, I’m still alive.

  • I have never had the flu.
  • I don’t go to doctors, I’ve never needed too.
  • I’ve never been vaccinated and have never taken pills or capsules, not even supplements.

Weird,  huh?, and get this, I pig out on tomatoes, cherries, oranges, apples and more!!!

Think About This:

Who works for pharmaceutical companies? Doctors do, duh!

Do you know what that means?

For simple acne problems, they will prescribe to you ‘Accutane’ (that has been known to make teens real angry, sterile… and even KILL THEM) instead of something simple like, staying off of ‘processed government approved’ products and going ‘dairy free’ for at least 6 months. (This does not apply to raw organic milk!)

Oh yeah, that’s right, dairy causes acne (processed Vitamin D dairy can), but not raw organic dairy, you know, the ‘Nature Made’ stuff!

But wait! How long has it been known to cause acne? I can reference one source from the 80′s!

And how many people really know about this? Not too many!

The government just wants money or something along those lines, like power to control the people.

Dig deep inside yourself and realize just because our grandparents fell for it and consumed this man-made chemical pasteurized trash, doesn’t mean, “you have to continue the tradition.”

Save yourself from acne, cancer, hormone problems, etc., and educate yourself on what founded this country!

The so called ‘companies’ that most people today trust in, just want your money, whether it kills you, your loved one’s and friends or not!

If you are afraid of un-fermented soy, or any kind of soy, and belief that eating dead animal bodies is healthier, that’s fine, don’t eat soy!

Just know this, there are millions who do, have, and will continue and they are just fine!

I personally hope that you can let your own body be the Lab.

No matter what you eat and drink that is healthy, if you go to the Pharmaceutical Employee’s known as ‘Doctors’, you’ll be told that you have need of toxic invasive treatments, it’s just a matter of time… they’ll get you!

But wait a minute this is about soy, so read this:

Understanding Soy Foods: Benefits of Eating Non-GMO Soy Foods

(Here are some statements from 6 different health and medical publications… they are listed at the bottom!)

Many people are including soy foods in their diets because of their reputed health benefits:

  • Epidemiology studies have found that people who have more soy in their diet have lower risk for cancers, including cancer of the breast, colon and prostate. 1
  • Soy protein reduces cholesterol, enhances coronary artery function, and reduces other heart disease risk factors.2, 3 & 4
  • Soy foods have a favorable effect on bone mineral density. The isoflavones contained in soy foods may improve bone retention, and replacing animal protein with soy protein in the diet reduces the amount of calcium lost in the urine.5 & 6

In Asia, where tofu, soy milk, and other soy products are commonly consumed, cancer and heart disease are much more rare than in the United States and Europe, and longevity is greater.

However, it is important to remember that the apparent benefits of soy consumption seen in epidemiological studies may be caused by people replacing unhealthy foods such as meat, chicken, dairy, and eggs, with plant protein sources like soy.

Simply adding soy to a diet focused on animal products is unlikely to bring the same benefits.

It’s up to you do decide, I am going to place my bet that soy is good for you!


-Cowboy Don


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  1. Very nice article. I want to send it to someone’s facebook page. How do I do that?

    • Wow, Thanks for wanting to share! We have added a share button at the top of this and every other post for making sharing easy.

      Sorry for the oversight!

  2. I stopped drinking “cows” milk about 5years ago… I started to drink quite a bit of coffee (not the processed stuff of course) and was wondering why I kept breaking out in pimples, the only thing that came to mind that I had changed in my diet was that I was drinking a lot more milk (I never used to drink it before that) so I experimented and started on soy milk… Hey presto pimples started clearing up I thought this may have just been my body but after reading this I see it’s not just. Loved reading this article
    You’re awesome Don!!!!

  3. i love don he is amazing full – stop. ! everything he says hits home to me and is just the pure truth.

  4. What do you have against eggs?

    Do you not think that people should eat in moderation organic grass fed cattle and chickens raised on organic natural foods that they normally consume in the wild I thought that our bodies needed a bit of everything as long as its as close to nature as nature intended?

    • (What do you have against eggs?)
      I have nothing against pastured, free range organic eggs. I talk about them all the time…?!?!?!?

      (Do you not think that people should eat in moderation organic grass fed cattle and chickens raised on organic natural foods that they normally consume in the wild I thought that our bodies needed a bit of everything as long as its as close to nature as nature intended?)
      Murdering innocent animals and eating their dead bodies that begin to rot in just 72 hours of their death is only supported by Jesus Christ and your specific god.

      The pharmaceutical industry and you need to wake up and dig deep… Not shallow bullshit media… and bought for and paid for drug studies… and family traditions…

      There is so much exposure on this… but death feeders ignore it…

      Do what ya want… I know I’m stupid here but, forgive me please… I’ve just seen too many fat, sick and nearly dead children, teens and adults who fall for the meat thing and don’t even know what they’ve done to themselves…

  5. You don’t mention the estrogen mimicking warning related to unfermented soy that I have been reading about that can be a problem. What’s your take on this?

    • People eat female and male dead murdered animals all the time and no one asks if it was a female pig, goat, horse, cow, fish, bird…

      People are so “unthinking”… but if you think a plant is more female than male for gods sake have a diet coke, not a legume.

  6. You’re talking about how good soy is for you and mention nothing about Gmo soy and then you list the benefits of Non Gmo soy. I think the key message here is non GMO, which is not stressed here.

    95% of all soy manufactured is GMO based, so where do we get the good stuff? You’re article is at best confusing, especially for uninformed people.

    • Thank you very kindly… the murdering of animals and eating their dead carcasses is funded into religious teachings, schools and media… 95% is GMO and is a pharmaceutical/USDA scam… some of it is it’s true… so search the source and do what you want…

  7. Thanks for the clarification Don – really enjoy Soy products but the issue was getting very clouded by numerous “expert” opinions leaving me and many others, confused. Interestingly some of the most vociferous on this issue are those still advocating meat as a viable dietary option! You’ve hit the nail on the head – don’t expect soy to make a difference if other unhealthy practices in the diet aren’t addressed first.

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