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My Holistic Living Conference Schedule

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I wanted to pass along that I am speaking at the LDS Holistic Living Conference!

I truly hope you can come out and support me and the conference.  I would love to see you there!

The conference will be held on:

Saturday, June 22nd
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Paradigm High School
11577 S. 3600 W.
South Jordan, Utah

27 qualified practitioners in the holistic field will present 50 classes, so there are choices to suit everyone.  (This conference is from an LDS perspective, but many topics are of general interest).  There is also an incredible vendor area that is free and open to the public.  It’s almost as good as the classes themselves!

Early Bird registration for the Saturday conference is $55 until June 1.  At about $10 a class, it’s a steal!.  After June 1, the price goes to $65.  You can also register at the door, but that’s $75, or $17 per class.

Early Bird registration for the Friday Keynote is only $20 until June 15.  You can also register at the door, but it’s $25 then.

You can get a discount on both, though!  Register for both Friday and Saturday by June 1 and it’s only $70.

Register here!

So, as you can see, the sooner the better when it comes to signing up!

The website to register or view more information is: www.ldsholisticliving.com

Here’s schedule for the Keynote and Conference:

Register here!

Saturday, June 22, 2013:  Conference & Expo

8:00-6:00, Paradigm High School in South Jordan

8:00-6:00:  Vendor Area Open

8:30-10:00:  Session 1

Caleb Warnock:  Self Sufficient Organic Gardening

10:30-noon:  Session 2

Larry Hansen:  Trace Minerals & Elements, Pathway to Natural Health and Beauty

Kristina Stitcher, DC:  Vaccines, Know the Facts

Angela Bell:  Release the Cravings and Struggles Around a Gluten Free (or dairy, sugar or specific craving) Diet

Kristen Bowen:  The Great I AM:  Personal Empowerment Through I Am Statements

Caleb Warnock:  A Taste of Rare Vegetables

Ann Washburn:  Body Language: Give A Postive First Impression

Judi Sears:  Making Plant Based Main Dishes

Andrea Carver:  Energy Work:  Accesing the Tools to Create Balance with Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Cliff and Judy Dunston:  The Praise Principle

noon-1:00:  LUNCH

The conference will be catered by the great group that did our 2010 and 2012 catering.  They will be serving a great selection of a la carte items, all healthy of course, with gluten free options.  We have addressed the issue of long lines/checkout that were present in years past so hopefully you get your food quicker this year!

Additionally there are a number of eateries within walking distance at The District across the street.  You are also welcome to bring your own food.  There will be a dining area provided.

1:00-2:00:  Session 3

Don Tolman:  Your Imagination is Everything

Staci Sadler:  Aura Personalities from an LDS Perspective

Alisha Worthington and Kristin Hodson:  The Godly Design of Intimacy

Connor Boyack:  The Enemy Within: Why We, Not Terrorists, Are Our Greatest Enemy—and What We Can Do About It

Michael Merchant:  Changing One’s Way of Walking in the World with Others

Tatia Nelson:  Herbal First Aid

Kristen Bowen:  Healthy Hands on Skin Care

Julie Behling-Hovdal:  Essential Oil Basics

Caleb Warnock:  Get Healthy with Natural Yeast

Vern Cox:  The Roots of Addiction

4:00-5:00:  Session 5

Carolyn Cooper:  The Art of Muscle Testing

Judi Sears:  Green Smoothie Girl Class and Demo

Mindy Heath:  Marital Ecstacy:  Are You There?

Connor Boyack:  Put Down the Constitution for a Moment: Good Government Begins With You!

Michael Merchant:  Justification, The Deeper Addiction

Leanne Dunford:  Yoga: Standing in Light and Truth

Julie Behling-Hovdal:  Medical Preparedness with Essential Oils & More

Tatia Nelson:  Homemade Herbal Remedies

Tiffany Sowby:  Taking Care of the Person Inside the Mom

Dr. John Humiston:  The Subtle Epidemic of Hypothyroidism


Vendor Area Open

Download/Print the Class Map and Schedule here

Register here!

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