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Food Labels: A Warning Sign

Posted by on June 4, 2013 in Self Care Tidbits | 0 comments

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Calories don’t count!

Fat is a must for optimum health. Fat is bad. Cholesterol is not bad. Margarine is worse. Margarine is better than butter.

Juice is super-nutritious. Juice is bad for babies.

One bowl of enriched cereal is better than 20 bowls of whole grains. Whole grain cereals are twice as nutritious as “enriched” cereals.

Suppose you owned a “Nutritional Lie Detector” ,you could spot nutritional hype and misinformation in an instant!

More importantly, you would know when somebody was telling you the truth about how to get healthy and stay healthy.

Imagine that you had a “Food Analyzer”.

Before eating any food, you could place it on the “Analyzer,” and it would predict the positive or negative impact on your mental emotional and physical health.

Wouldn’t you like to know in advance if a food will boost your immune system or wreck it? If a food will make you feel great or give you the midday blahs?

Aren’t food labels supposed to do that?

No! They are frequently the source of nutritional deception. A food label is your first warning sign that a food is missing something as a result of some form of processing.

Only imperfect foods have labels, which in turn grow imperfect bodies.

Think a minute about your spouse, a child, grandchild, or parent. Would their behavior improve…would the number of annual colds and sinus infections diminish…. would they have more energy…would their life be more enjoyable – if they would eat more nutritious wholefoods?

Get a juicer, a Vitamix and a garlic press if you are serious about your health.

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