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Diabetes is Not a Mystery

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Stop eating junk foods, processed sugars, soda pop and sports drinks.

If you really want to cure Diabetes, only eat whole foods80 per cent raw and 20 per cent heated until it remisses.  Exercise and be patient and Diabetes will resolve in anywhere from 30 days to 6 months.

Only two types of sugars exist and they are the multibillion dollar, medical mystery of Diabetes.

Simple sugars, called fast sugars are all processed, refined or artificial, synthetic sugars. Simple sugars cause diabetes. Their molecular size is so small that they cross the blood brain barrier quickly, hence their name, “fast” sugars. This causes the brain to tell the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin in the blood stream sends messages to the body, which tell it that it is in “extreme danger” and to “lie down”; Insulin zaps your energy so you’ll have to rest or take a break. It also tells your body to “put on layers of fat to protect yourself”, and the body responds to the message.

Complex sugars are “slow” sugars. They are unrefined and occur in nature as fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and contrary to the public option, even sweet potatoes and honey. They cross the blood-brain barrier slowly, sending a message through the blood to the body that all is safe and well. This causes the pancreas to release glucagons, which energize you, making you want to walk, run and play. Glucagons even cause you to burn stored fat.

That’s it. That’s the big mystery. Diabetes testing, also known as testing your blood sugar, is nuts! It’s nothing more than an open invitation to your health, your money and your life over to a lifetime of ritual invasion.

Just as a bad diet can aid in the cause of diabetes, a good one can help control or even prevent it. A good diet consists mainly of higher fiber, high-complex carbohydrate foods such as taro, poi, greens and fruits. Carbohydrates, which are found in nearly all foods except animals, fish, pigs, cows and poultry – are the body’s main source of energy.

There are two types of carbohydrates, starches and simple carbohydrates. Starches include foods like rice, beans, potatoes and pasta. Simple carbohydrates, called sugars include the natural sugars found in milk, fruits and vegetables, as well as honey. The body turns both complex (slow) and simple (fast) carbohydrates into glucose, which is either immediately converted into energy or stores until needed. Contrary to former belief, most people with diabetes should eat a diet that’s higher in carbohydrates, particularly the complex kind.

Fruit is it. Eat up!

A high fiber diet has been shown to relieve everything from constipation to heart disease. It also plays a powerful role in controlling blood sugar.

Reversing Diabetes

When you go to the doctor, diabetes becomes a death sentence. You get medications to “control” the problem. You take insulin injections for the rest of your lie and make sure your blood sugar testing kit is always within reach. But eventually, you know it’s going to kill you.

Nutritional whole food practitioners, on the other hand, have been reversing diabetes for decades. Their “miracle cures” result from a simple fact, given the right whole-food nutrients, the body is fully capable of healing itself.

Nutritional whole food practitioner, Farmacist, make sure that the body gets nutrients it needs, while making sure to avoid the metabolic poisons that are so prevalent in the American food supply. The result, predictably, is yet another “miracle” that modern medicine can’t explain. It’s another sad reflection on a long list of medical ignorance. At the very least, one would expect modern medicine to understand how such cures work when they repeatedly occur.

To reverse the condition, it is necessary to eliminate the bad fats and supply good fats.

When the diet is optimal, it still takes about two years for the complete healing cycle. That’s how long it takes for the soft tissues of the body to be replaced.

Where do you find good fats?

  • Take a tablespoon of unrefined oils from the health food store every morning in a glass of water.
  • Avocado, olives, raw seeds and raw nuts.

To speed up the healing process, you may also want to consider fasting. A lot of housecleaning goes on during a fast and many triglycerides (fatty acids) are eliminated. Fasting can speed up the process of eliminating bad fats that have already accumulated.

Raw Foods
Consistent consumption of raw vegetables and fruits has a surprisingly beneficial and speedy effect on diabetes, provided the person has not taken insulin or at most, only small quantities of it for a year or two. Whole foods help when the person has taken large doses of insulin for several years, but the process does take longer.

Several raw vegetable contain insulin, especially Jerusalem artichokes. In their raw state, most vegetables contain the precursor of insulin.

Stop eating crap. Get a life off the couch. Lose the doughnuts, sodas, candy and synthetic chemical sweeteners, starting eating fresh whole foods and drink water, go for a walk and kiss diabetes goodbye!

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