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Coconut Oil – Nature’s Miracle

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Fats are not all alike. To lose body fat, replacing the fats you now eat with coconut oil may be the wisest decision you could make.

We often think that the less fat we eat, the better off we’ll be. However, you don’t necessarily need to reduce your fat intake; you simply need to choose a fat that is better for you. In other words you need to choose a fat that doesn’t contribute to weight gain. You can lose unwanted body fat by eating more plant saturated fat, in the form of coconut oil, and less polyunsaturated fat, in refined vegetable oils.

Coconut oil has many remarkable qualities one of which is that it can help you lose weight. Yes, there is a dietary fat that can actually help you take off unwanted pounds.

Coconut oil can quite literally be called a weight loss fat.

  • Boosts your daily energy.
  • Helps you lose weight, lowers cholesterol.
  • Helps those with diabetes, thyroid, and chronic fatigue.
  • Improves Crohn’s, IBS and other digestive disorders.
  • Reduces your risk of heart disease and other diseases.
  • Rejuvenates your skin, prevents wrinkles.

Coconut Oil is truly one of the healthiest oils you can consume. It contains no trans fat and is rich in lauric acid, which is known for having viral, bacterial and fungal properties. Coconut oil can even help to prevent wrinkles when used on your skin.

Because coconut oil contains saturated fat, there is a widespread misconception that it is bad for you.

Dispel any lingering notions you may have that all saturated fats are dangerous; only animal saturated fat are, plant saturated fats are not.

Depending on how many carbon molecules the fats contain, they are categorized as short, medium or long chain. Close to two-thirds of the saturated fat in coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids, which have microbial properties. These fats are easily digested by the body for quick energy and are beneficial to the immune system. Far from being dangerous, the saturated fat in coconut oil is actually health promoting.

So how could such a bad reputation emerge from an oil that is so good for you? The answer comes down to simple economics and politics. A powerful hate-saturated fat movement began based on some flawed studies performed over four decades ago, which sometimes used primarily hydrogenated coconut oils.

Remember that hydrogenated oils are oils with trans-fatty acids. These have been altered from their original chemical composition and have been shown to raise cholesterol levels. They also have been shown to lead to heart disease and other health problems. You should not consume hydrogenated oils, whether it is coconut or another vegetable oil.  Most commercial coconut oils are RBD (Refined, bleached, and deodorized) – this means they often contain chemicals from processing.

Use only virgin coconut oil, not only certified organic but also including no GMO ingredients, bleaching, deodorizing, refining or hydrogenation and come from fresh coconuts (not ‘copra’ or dried coconuts like most oils) that come from rural region of the Philippines untainted by urban pollution.

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