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Before You Vaccinate or Immunize

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Self Care Tidbits | 2 comments

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My vote is do away with vaccines!

Most people don’t realize the word “vaccine” literally means “blueberry”; that the words vaccine, vaccinate, vaccinator, and vaccination come of the Latin word vaccine(um) which means to inoculate for the prevention of disease with the use of blueberries, whortleberries, cranberries, strawberries and the like.

Vaccines today are typically made from postulant animal fluidiums of infection. At best vaccines are simply controversial at worst they are harmful, for instance; autism, seizures, and death have been directly linked to today’s pharmaceutical vaccinations.

The base for DPT vaccines are pig organs, vaccines for measles, chicken pox, small pox, Hepatitis A and others are now made from dead human babies and aborted fetuses. The disgust goes on and on. Toxic mercury added to ground up animal brains, hoofs, fish skins and chicken beaks are used by drug companies for a host of other vaccines and medications.

Every year millions of mothers and fathers take their babies to doctor’s offices and public health clinics to be vaccinated. We have been taught that vaccinations are necessary to rid the nation of devastating diseases with the potential for massive deadly outbreaks. However, evidence is surfacing linking these very vaccines, intended to save lives, with serious and even fatal side effects, including Autism, Diabetes, Guillain Barre Syndrome and more.

Many vaccines contain Thimerosal, a preservative which enables vaccine manufactures to massively produce and ship large quantities of vaccines. Previously vaccines were packaged individually which did not require the use of preservatives. Thimerosal has been linked to causing mercury induced autism in children shortly after receiving vaccines containing the preservative. The autism rate in the United States has literally skyrocketed since the vaccine producers started using Thimerosal.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Reaction

The Hepatitis B vaccine is also linked to serious side effects in infants. Big drug companies were instrumental in pushing government scientists to adopt an ‘at birth’ Hepatitis B vaccination policy; although the vaccine was never tested in newborns and no vaccines had ever been mandated at birth before. It is widely recognized that newborns have underdeveloped immune systems, which can be overwhelmed or shocked. The hepatitis B vaccine has been linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which causes the rapid onset of muscle weakness and often paralysis of the legs, arms and breathing muscles.

The DPT vaccine as well as the Influenza vaccine are also linked to serious side effects. The DPT vaccine is estimated to kill over 900 babies each year. Influenza vaccine, which is statistically ineffective against the flu, has been linked to serious neurological diseases including Guillain-Barre syndrome.  Enough said.  Remember that vaccines are literally an experiment and no one knows the long term side effects.  Stop and do a little research before blindly running down for next free vaccine.


  1. Hi Don
    I’m guessing that you already know but there is a lot of talk about immunization happening in Australia at present. There are stories and letters to the editor in the papers everyday. The government is seriously considering making it compulsory that everyone in the country is immunised. They are also talking of not allowing children into schools, child care centres etc if they are not immunised.
    From Heather

    • You know you are right, if the government and big Pharma get their way, it wont be long until every country is forced into immunizations.

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