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Easter Greetings From Don Tolman And Family!

easterEast is a word with a history of being one of the 4 principle co-ordinates of direction.

North, East, West, South, or N.E.W.S. The word News means the 4 directions and was symbolized by the cross, or + (plus) sign.

East originally meant, Joy of Light. The Sun being a Star that comes up in the East was the Eastern Star, later the Eastar… then EASTER.

Easter celebration was based upon the Lunar Calendar and was 13 days after a Feast of Love Orgy/Orgie celebration today called, St. Patricks Day wherein people wore “blue” meaning ‘true blue’ or ‘Honest and True’.

They hunted for and picked the trifoliate plant they called “seamrog” (later shamrock) because of its 3 leaves and ‘yellow’ flower that you could stare at and then project the color blue onto white rocks or white clouds in the blue sky.

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Update: Sherman Oaks, California Event Has Been Moved To Woodland Hills, California

Update: Due to overwhelming response, this event has been moved to Woodland Hills, California!

Please see below for the correct address and time..

Don Tolman is once again scheduled to talk at an event hosted by Mesrop Apollo Dodoryan in Woodland Hills, California.

Please mark the date and time on your calendar for this event. Hope to see you there!

-Cowboy Don Tolman & Team

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