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3 Weight Loss Essentials

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1. Clean Your House (your colon)

When your colon is clogged or unclean, your body may not properly digest and absorb nutrients or rid your body of waste effectively (Toxicity and deficiency are the only two causes of disease and cleaning your House/Body is the most precious health activity you can perform).

This lack of nutrient absorption and waste build up can put extra strain on your detoxifying organs and make you gain weight!  Not to mention also impairing digestion and stressing all of the body’s systems.

One major benefit of a Colon Cleanse is the fact that you are flushing out your insides without adding anything extra to your digestive system. Your intestines are full of waste matter (10-20 pounds in some cases) that is causing extra weight and making your belly look bigger. In order to lose weight, you will find that giving your intestines a good scrub can make your tummy look flatter and reduce the amount of weight in your intestines.

The fact that you are emptying your body without refilling it contributes to keeping the weight off – for good!

The second benefit  of cleansing your colon is the fact that all of the toxins that are stored in your body are being flushed out. These toxins are causing your body to retain water, which in turn causes it to retain fat. In order to keep your body functioning properly, it is vital to flush out these toxins that retain water. These same toxins also hinder your efforts to lose fat as they cause your body to run at less than optimum level.

By flushing out the toxins, you give your body a fighting chance at losing weight effectively and permanently.

2. Eat loads of Fiber + Drink loads of Water (not one without the other)

Whole food fibers and water are weight loss essentials (+ side effects include; supple skin, healthy kidneys, optimum digestion etc)

Did you know that Fifty loaves of white bread doesn’t provide enough fiber to meet the suggested daily requirements yet one apple does.

Fiber = Transit Time.  Transit time refers to how long it takes something you eat to travel from your mouth the front door through your stomach, to the small intestines and then on into the colon or large intestines and on out the back door.  It is common for an average person to experience a transit time of three days to two weeks for meals to exit even though most of those persons studied were experiencing two or three bowel discharges daily. The discharges were meals consumed on average of four to six days earlier. Many doctors in their ignorance believe this is natural. It’s not natural!

Transit Time – Tell the Truthful Tale.  In observation of long-living cultures, the average transit time is from four to eight hours!  The longer waste materials stay trapped in the colon, the greater risk for various potentially harmful situations like the decaying of food internally.

Fiber is essential for Fabulous Physical Health.  There should be no doubt about the relationship between health in the intestinal tract and health in the rest of the body. Intestinal management is probably the most important thing a person can learn in a health building routine. Some of the most important functions of life take place in the intestines. Through the intestines, worn out cells are eliminated and new cell structures having their beginning.

Fiber is the secret of all long living people. Now you can put this powerful health and life extension program to work for you.

Although we all strive for healthy balance, certain undesirable elements such as stress and an improper diet continually seep into our lives.  Fibers and water were designed to aid our digestive process by providing healthy elimination of the harmful bacteria, pesticides, chemical additives and spent antibiotics that may be causing poor absorption or intestinal discomfort in our colons.

Never forget that eating more fiber means drinking more water. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!! 1 litre of fresh clean water for every 22 kilos of body weight per day – minimum!  For example for you weigh 90 kilos, that’s 4 liters per day.

3. Get Moving

Let me first say I am NOT talking about climbing Mt Everest, lifting weights like Hulk Hogan or buying some of those scary looking exercise tights (unless you want to of course)

I know that exercise is not the easiest habit for a lot of people, and most people’s experiences consist of starting and stopping and starting again. Which is fine — don’t beat yourself up about it. The important thing is you move.

Talk a walk everyday, 45 minutes is great – if you can go longer brilliant, do it.  But the message is; do not stress yourself over it, enjoy your walk, smile and say hello to people.

If you are feeling adventurous why not try something new like yoga, tennis, Pilates or a dance class – It should be fun and enjoyable, otherwise – what’s the point?

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