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February Fabulous Specials!


February Fabulous Specials!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy-Valentines-DayValentine’s Day – Is There A Deeper Meaning?

Ever wonder why, on this one random day a year, people everywhere have a contest to see who can say “I love you” with the most flair?

Valentine’s Day, celebrated every year on February 14, has many varied customs that help remember 3 martyred Catholic saints (we are told) and allow couples to celebrate their love for one another…but… maybe it’s time we look at the deeper history of this ancient celebrated day of the “love Feast”….

Valentine’s Day, though now associated with chocolates, expensive gifts, roses (symbol of Eros or sexual Love) and sweet cards for the romantically involved and for those who want to be, originally had a different name.

Christianity Meets the Pagans (meaning “country dwelling gardeners”) of the Roman Empire: Lupercalia

The non-Christian Pagan’s of the Roman Empire already had a romance-related celebration in mid-February: Lupercalia.

This holiday required that all the houses (symbol of one’s body) be purified, first by sweeping and then with a sprinkling of salt and spelt, a type of wheat.

This prepared the ancients for the celebration in honor of Faunus, the god of agriculture (seeds and fertility), and Romulus and Remus, the twin gods of Rome who are given credit for building Rome on one of the 7 Hills along the Tiber River (vale means to flow as does a river…valen means to attract…entine, comes of entice/enthuseos, hence, “Valentine”… To Flow with the attraction of sexual excitement.

The origins of our modern Valentine’s Day were that it was an attempt to “Christianize” the pagans. The Christians took all the Pagan Celebrations and rewrote them to fit their own Names and Events. Easter bunnies, hiding, searching and finding the eggs. Christmas Santa’s, pine trees, etc.

During this time, pagan gardeners made offerings of fresh foods as gifts to Faunus as a Love Feast, meant for couples who were not expecting a child at the time, so they could then act as “eligible singles” to then choose a new romantic partner to have a baby with for the upcoming year through a lottery process.

This practice of union going for one year or until the birth of a baby was later seen as “unchristian” and “evil” and was later outlawed by the Church.

Valentine’s Day and Romancehearts

Romance (erotic people of Rome) and Valentine’s Day are usually seen as being paired together, but the specific reason for this pairing goes back to a natural observation of “Nature”… even during medieval times, people in England and France observed and wrote that February 14th was the beginning of the mating season for birds.

Since animals were beginning to mate and pair off, people believed that there must be in nature itself a certain romantic aspect of the day.

Valentine Cards

The first Valentine cards began appearing around 1400 and were often exchanged among friends and lovers in all social classes.

What is believed to be the first Valentine card is on display in the British Museum, I got to see it myself in the late 1970′s. Anciently they scratched an “I love You” into the skin and peelings of foods that looked like the Heart, such as mangoes, tomatoes, capsicum (bell Peppers), etc.

Then they ate the food together in a “spirit of Love”. Today, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest card-purchasing holidays in many countries, with customers buying more cards for this occasion than every other day except Christmas.

Valentine’s Day is often a day shrouded in red, pink, and white hearts, Cupids with Love arrows, chocolate, as it is believed to be an aphrodisiac, Unicorns and romantic gestures.

Many of the ways in which the holiday is celebrated date back to ancient and medieval times and are still present in celebrations today.


The, “saint’s” part of Valentine’s Day remained an official date on the Catholic calendar until 1969, when the Catholic Church did away with its official recognition as part of a church-wide reformation.

Some researchers have suggested that the Catholic Church may have removed it from the calendar because of an assumed relationship to the “pagan” holiday Lupercalia, the fertility ritual celebrated pre-Christian era, as I have mentioned.

Others suggest that it was removed from the calendar because it was unclear whom the Feast of St. Valentine was actually intended to commemorate.

One researcher has traced the contemporary traditions of the holiday to a work by the 14th-century writer Geoffrey Chaucer, suggesting that they did not actually exist until after the publication of the Parliament of Fouls almost 1,000 years after St. Valentine was said to have lived.

Clarifying the actual theological origins of Valentine’s Day therefore, has proved to be difficult.

The name may suggest Christian origins, but the traditions that give it contemporary meaning (candy hearts, love letters and boxes of rich chocolates all in the name of love) suggest an entirely different significance. Hence the “dropping from the Catholic church.”


What Livy doesn’t share in his writings is the Interpreted Meaning of all of this… but read on… I want to share with you the recorded but forgotten and no longer taught meaning of the symbols and stories at my first Tolman Adventure Event… while standing in blue lagoons in classes I call Aquagnosis…

According to Livy, Rhea claimed that the God Mars came upon her and seduced her in the forest, where she conceived the twins.

When her uncle found out, he had her imprisoned and ordered a servant to kill the babies.

The servant set them adrift in baskets on the river Tiber instead, where the river deity, Tiberius, caused the basket to be caught upon the roots of a fig tree.

The legend goes on to say that Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf, Lupa (some legends say by Luperca the wolf Goddess), and fed beneath the fig tree by a woodpecker named Picus. Both were animals sacred to the god Mars.

The brothers grew up to become shepherds. After coming into conflict with the king’s shepherds, Remus was captured. Romulus gathered a band of followers to liberate his brother, and Amulius was killed.

The Founding of Rome: Killing Remus and Raping the Sabines

Romulus and Remus refused to take the crown while their grandfather still lived. So they, along with a group of mostly male followers, headed off to find their own city.

The two argued over where the city should be, and decided to settle their disagreement by the will of the Gods. Whom ever saw the most birds would win. According to Plutarch, Remus saw six, but Romulus saw twelve. Remus was furious. He’d seen his six birds first and believed he should have won.

On April 21, 753 BCE Romulus began building his city. Remus ridiculed, criticized, and obstructed Romulus’s work and was killed. Remus was killed either by Romulus, his Commander Fabius, or another of Romulus’s followers. Romulus called his new city Rome and served as its first king.

The inherent difficulty of starting a kingdom with only a few women did not escape the fledgling King, so he invited the neighbouring Sabines to a festival: the Consualia.

The Sabines came in droves, bringing with them their daughters. During the festival, the Romans drew arms, encouraged the Sabine men to leave unharmed, and brought back with them 700 Sabine maidens as wives.

Lupercalia: Wolf Festival a Celebration of Fertility1280px-Circle_of_Adam_Elsheimer_The_Lupercalian_Festival_in_Rome

Lupercalia, sometimes called Februatio, was part fertility rite, part purification ritual, and part festival honouring the she-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus.

In 375 BCE the Roman birth rate was still insufficient. They dedicated a temple to the Goddess Juno in her aspect as goddess of marriage, fertility, and childbirth.

The Romans claimed she had spoken from a bush during the taking of the Sabines saying, “The sacred goat must penetrate Italy’s mothers.”

The Lupercalia festival began on February 15th. The Luperci (wolf priests), sacrificed two male goats and a dog at the Lupercal (the cave where the she-wolf was said to have suckled Romulus and Remus).

The dog probably represented the wolves that the wolf god Lupercus was supposed to keep at bay as a protector of herds.

Two boys were then chosen to represent the legendary twins, and brought to the cave, where the priests anointed them on the forehead with the bloodied knives used in the sacrifice. The knives were immediately wiped on goatskins soaked in milk.

The boys would then join in the race of the Luperci, clad only in goatskin loin cloths. The Luperci used strips of the sacred goats’ skin, called februa, to whip women in the streets and purify them. In this way, the women were afforded fertility and protection in childbirth.

On the eve of Lupercalia, February 14th, boys drew the names of girls by lot, sometimes pairing them as friends for months, for a year, or even as spouses for a lifetime, there was Liberty and Freedom to choose.

St. Valentine’s Feast Day

Pope Gelasius I outlawed the Lupercalia festival during his papacy c. 492 CE- 496 CE and replaced it in 496 CE when he decreed February 14th as “St. Valentine’s Feast Day”.

There were numerous early Christian martyrs named Valentine. One legend is that the Roman Emperor Claudius II ordered young men to remain single. He believed that bachelors were better soldiers.

Valentine, a priest, secretly married young Roman lovers and was sentenced to death for his defiance of the law.

In the 1969 revision of “The Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints” St. Valentine’s Feast was removed from the calendar, (as I mentioned above).

Valentines-Day-GiftsValentine’s Day in Modern Times

Most people don’t think of Romulus and Remus, Roman mythology, ancient festivals, or of the early Christian church when celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Today, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance and love in all its forms. Children, family, friends, and lovers around the world exchange notes, cards, confections, flowers, and gifts with the special people in their lives.

Few of the original customs remain with us today, but much like the ancient Roman tradition on Lupercalia Eve, February 14th is still a day of choosing. Men and women, young and old, in many places throughout the world will ask that special someone, “Will you be my Valentine?”

At the end of the day, in the 21st Century, Valentines is a day to remember that when people get together in a Spirit of Love, Caring and Kindness it is the Highest Good.

valentines day hearts picture (1)

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Eden Utah Event

Don Tolman In Eden, Utah

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

9:30am Registration

Event 10am~ 12pm MST

Free Event!



World Renowned Speaker Coming to Eden 

International speaker and self-care guru, Don Tolman, the Wholefood Medicine Cowboy, will be speaking in Eden at a free-to-the-public event. Also featured will be Eden resident and classical crossover soprano, Alicia Blickfeldt. The event will be held in conjunction with Ogden Valley Salon Sessions.

Ms. Blickfeldt met Don Tolman in 2013 shortly after she discovered she had cancer. From information she gleaned from Mr. Tolman, Alicia fully recovered from stage 3 cancer without utilizing traditional therapies, like chemotherapy and radiation, typically used by the majority of cancer patients. “It just didn’t resonate with me to follow the doctor’s advice. I couldn’t quite resolve the idea of an industry that thrives on my being sick, so I went looking for answers in other places.” She stated. And she found them!

Don Tolman spent 17 years on a personal quest to uncover ancient wisdom from past ages. He has shared his discoveries all over the world and seen many people benefit from this knowledge. He has been featured on television, radio, newspaper and the Internet by top news outlets like, Fox News, NBC, Good Morning America, Earl Nightingale, Phil Donahue, The New York Times and USA Today.

For nearly 50 years of speaking publically, Mr. Tolman has watched as people have taken the information he has learned and implemented strategies into their own lives that have benefitted them greatly. During this time involving doctors, medical groups, scientific researchers, and working with literally thousands of people who have been failed by typical treatments, Don came to realize that many were being harmed, instead of healed.

When asked how Don helped her, Alicia said, “He gave me what I call, the final keys, to my healing journey. He taught me how my organic body could only heal if I gave it the tools to work with. That did not include sugar, pesticides or GMOs, which are frequently found in food. It meant changing everything. It has been very much worth the journey!”

Ms. Blickfeldt will also briefly share her story of healing, and will sing. In addition, her book, They Said I Would Die, A journey to self-healing should be available for purchase by the event date.
For more information regarding OVSS, a free, kid-friendly and educational community based event group, please visit their Facebook page: Ogden Valley Salon Sessions. Some of their past events include art, nutritional information, entrepreneurship, green building and inspirational stories highlighting members from our community.

The event will be held, February 11, 2017 at 10 a.m., registration begins at 9:30 a.m., at Moose Hollow Clubhouse, 3605 Huntsman Path—at the top of Moose Hollow Condominium Complex, east past the bridges.

Those who are interested in attending are encouraged to bring a finger food to share. There will be a donation jar to help defuse the cost of the facility. Come prepared to learn!
Seating is limited, please arrive early.

NOTE: The GPS coordinates are a bit deceving. Once you “arrive,” continue up the hill to the top of the complex, past the bridges.

Moose Hollow Clubhouse

3605 N Huntsman Path

Eden, UT 84310-9786

Saturday February 11th

9:30am Registration/ Event 10am~ 12pm MST


For information please call:

Office line: 678-954-3554

Email: tracy@thedontolman.com

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Happy Thanksgiving!




From Don, his family and

the Don Tolman Team~

We would like to wish everyone a very

Happy Thanksgiving and let you know 

we are very thankful for each and every one of you that

choose to support us and our message of Self-Care!




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FDR3_Book(picture is of front and back of book)

This is a simplified version of the internationally acclaimed Farmacist Desk Reference 1 & 2. For those who simply want to understand their body’s 7 systems, physiologies and the harmful side of medicine. Displays full images of the body and shows the wholefoods that assist the area.

The FDR 3 is the perfect companion to Don Tolman’s original, internationally acclaimed Farmacist Desk Reference I & II

For those who want to simply cut-to-the-chase of understanding their body’s 7 systems, physiologies and the harmful side of medicine, this is a must read.

The FDR 3 picks up where the Farmacist Desk Reference left off and features over 200 full-colour pages on breakthrough tips and topics such as “Words of Wisdom for Health & Healing” about “Wholefood Medicines” and “MediSins and PharmaceutiKills”.

Flip it over and you will find “MediSINs and phARMaceutiKILLs”.  This section gives you the knowledge and insight of the 13 most dangerous medicines and activities you can get involved with with your Doctor.

This book is by no means a substitute for the 1,600 page compendium that is Don’s original FDR 1 & 2.  The FDR3 is simply the perfect, easily-digestible, ‘shake you up’ version that will heighten your awareness and give you a broad understanding of what Self Care is all about.

The FDR 3 is essentially two small books in one.  The first is all about wholefood medicine, followed by an introduction to the 7 Body Systems and the foods that target and support those systems.  It provides many ancient epicures and nuggets of wisdom to help you heal, repair and flourish. A book that you, your family, loved one’s and friends will refer to time and time again.

Did you know . . . there are now officially over 10,000 human diseases… 95 years ago there were 7. What if… 98% of these can be prevented and even healed by embracing 7 basic principles of health?

Here are some of the most popular diseases. Find the one or ones you have been told you have and then Google which of the 7 Body Systems it affects. Then go to that systems wholefood page in this book and eat only those foods raw and preferably in their season. Lose the fear and watch your symptoms remiss within 5-7 days or 3-5 months; depending on your bodies overwhelm and toxicity.



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