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Don TolmanI’m often asked about the way I look, “How on earth can a dude with a cowboy hat and silly mustache – and not dressed in a white suit – be leading a health revolution.  Don, what are you about?”

For decades I’ve been about helping people to understand the power of self care and self education – taking care of one’s self.  And when you have good reasons for having a point of view that flies directly in the face of the establishment, you become a little rebellious.

For over 40 years of being in the public arena and involved with doctors, medical groups, scientific researchers and in working with literally thousands of people who have been failed by the “healthcare” system, I’ve come to realize that about 98% of what that industry actually does is doing more harm than good.

The truth is that today’s “health care” is really “SICK” care. It’s sadly become an industry that thrives on the perpetuation of sickness and disease through false diagnostics, unnecessary treatments and surgeries – and huge corporate interests and agendas are driving that entire business globally.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for how far modern medicine has come in being able to assist people in dealing with crisis and trauma situations immediately following accidents. But beyond that, the more you investigate “health care”, the more you begin to see it’s pitfalls and how it’s failing humanity.

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